Room Rate
Room Type With Window Without Window 1/2 Day
RM116 (nett) per night RM116 (nett) per night RM65 (nett)
RM86 (nett) per night - RM50 (nett)
RM70 (nett) per night RM65 (nett) per night RM50 (nett)
RM65 (nett) per night RM60 (nett) per night RM40 (nett)
Standard Room RM55 (nett) per night RM55 (nett) per night RM30 (nett)

- Air - Cond
- Hot & Cold Shower
- LCD TV with Astro
- Life
- Telephone
- Wifi
- CCTV Security System
- 24 Hour Reception Service
- Free Parking
Standard Room Window  

Check-In & Check Out Time Early Check-In
Check-In Time: 2PM Onwards
Check-Out Time: Next Day @ 12noon Sharp
Late Check-Out: 6PM Sharp (Half Day Rate)
Check-In Time: 7AM - 11AM
Check-Out Time: Same Day @ 6PM - Sharp
Late Check-Out: -----
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